English - International Customers

Team and Qualification

We are a successful team with technical and business management focus. Long-time professional experience enables every team member to count as an acknowledged expert in his topic areas.

Competence and Achievements

Our core competencies are located in the topic areas „Quality“, „Engineering“ and „Product Innovation“ respectively „Purchasing“ and „Productivity“. Our customers benefit from our problem solving and method know-how that enables us to design customized solutions within shortest time. We provide our services internationally and deliver in time challenging large-scale projects.

Usability and Customer Benefit

Usability, feasibility and sustainability dominate our thinking and doing. We measure our success upon countable results and long-term customer benefit.

Self-Image and  Partnership

Fidelity, openness and reliability are key drivers for us - we feel responsible for people and organizations. Thus, many clients see us as preferred suppliers and entrust us with critical tasks. A long-time trust- and successful co-operation unites us with most of our clients.

Method Development and Improvement

Besides our daily business in consulting, coaching and training we publish in books and papers on a regular basis. We put emphasis not only on a successful application of methods and tools but also on their continual improvement and advancement.